PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs – Part 1

For those people considering laser tattoo removal, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get about this topic. More Frequently Asked Questions coming soon!

What is the PicoSure laser?

PicoSure™ is an FDA-approved method for removing tattoos. Using carefully controlled pulses of laser light, PicoSure™ will break up ink pigments in the skin and cause tattoos to fade. Multiple sessions will be required to fully remove a tattoo, and the results can be quite remarkable once treatment is totally completed. It is the first new technology in over 20 years for tattoo removal.

How is the PicoSure laser different from other tattoo removal lasers?

Lasers deliver light energy to the skin. The light from a laser has a specific wavelength that can be directed at the skin where specific colors or particles absorb the wavelength of the laser. In the past, tattoos with more than one color, were often best treated with more than one tattoo removal laser, since there was no ONE laser that was able to best treat all tattoo colors.

Why is it better?

The PicoSure laser has really changed the way tattoos are treated. It can now deliver its laser light energy to the skin about 100 times faster. This super fast light energy from the PicoSure laser shatters the tattoo ink into much smaller pieces, regardless of color of the tattoo ink. These small pieces of ink left from a PicoSure tattoo treatment, are much smaller than from any other laser, and therefore carried away much faster and easier by your body.

With faster clearing of the tattoo ink, with each treatment, leads to what has been called the “PicoSure advantage of halves”. It has been shown that typically only about half the number of treatments were needed to treat tattoos with the PicoSure laser, compared with other tattoo removal lasers. One half the number of treatments needed means:

  • The tattoo treatment takes only half the amount of time;
  • Half the number of doctor visits;
  • Half the number of times your schedule is interrupted;
  • Half the number of times needed to recover;
  • Half the pain.

That is the main difference between the PicoSure tattoo removal laser, and all other tattoo removal lasers.

Do treatments with the PicoSure laser hurt?

Sorry to say, yes, laser tattoo removal does hurt, even with the PicoSure. Most all patients tolerate it pretty well, though. There are numbing creams that are available. But keep in mind, with the PicoSure laser, you will only need about half the number of treatments.

Can all tattoos be treated with the PicoSure laser?

Nearly all tattoos can be treated with the PicoSure. Exceptions include makeup tattoos, tattoos in people who have had any systemic gold, or silver treatment by mouth or vein, and tattoos that show a pronounced darkening, immediately with treatment. People with dark colored skin are not good candidates and will need to be tested prior to treatment.