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Drooping eyebrows and hood-like skin over the eye, deep furrows on the forehead, and frown lines over the eyes are all conditions that can make you look older than you feel, and misrepresent your feelings or personality, making you look angry or tired even if you are not. Whether age or heredity causes these conditions, a forehead lift (or brow lift) can give you a more youthful, animated, and alert appearance.

Brow lifts are performed under a mild sedative and local anesthesia, which keep you relaxed and feeling no pain or discomfort. Dr. Shire offers six different procedures just to raise and reposition the brows. The reason for this is everyone’s forehead, brow, and hairline are different. Dr. Shire thus can customize his brow lift technique to each individual patient.

The newest and most exciting procedure is the MIBL (Minimal Incision Brow Lift) or the BABE (Botox® Assisted Brow Elevation). This operation uses Botox® to assist in positioning and stabilizing the brows, and requires only three small incisions above the hairline. There are no visible scars, and no fixation screws or drill holes as used in the endoscopic technique, and this brow lift technique always gives a natural appearance.

The surgery takes only 30 to 40 minutes and can be done alone or with other procedures like facelifts and eyelids. There is no pain, 90% of the patients never take pain medication. There are no dressings, bandages, or drains, and there is very little bruising or swelling. Most patients are back to their routine within a week, though strenuous activities should be avoided for about a month.

Brow Lift Before & After






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