Chin Augmentation

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Pre-Jowl and Chin Augmentation

A well-positioned chin makes the entire chin jaw line appear sharper, the neck look more defined, and the nose look smaller if it is too prominent.

Pre-jowl implant

This implant fills in the pre-jowl sulcus, the indentation along the jaw-line, so that the jowl is less apparent and makes the face look more youthful.  The combination of the jowl and pre-jowl sulcus changes the over-all shape of the face from a youthful oval shape to the aging shape of a square. It does not increase chin projection.

Chin Pre-Jowl implant

This is for individuals with small or receding chins that often result in the lose of definition between the face and the neck.. The pre-jowl chin implant creates a distinct strong chin separated from the neck and a clean jaw line.

Either of these implants is inserted through a one-inch incision hidden under the chin. These may be performed on isolated procedures or in conjunction with face-lifts, rhinoplasties or other procedures.