Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Chattanooga

Resurfacing is a natural function of our bodies in which the damaged top layer of skin is removed and replaced with new smooth skin, producing a tighter, more youthful look. The three most common ways of resurfacing are chemical peels, laser, and dermabrasion.

Chemical peels can be divided into three categories, light, intermediate, and deep. Light peels only affect the superficial dead cell layer of skin. These are AHA’s, glycolic acids, retinols, resorsinol, kojic acid, etc. Inermediate peels are trichloracytic acid (TCA) 20-35%.

Deep chemical peels are the gold standard and include phenol – croton oil based peels. Dr. Shire does four different multi-level peels to remove wrinkles, brown spots, and sun damaged, irregular skin, and to improve acne scarring. Dr. Shire is an expert artist with chemical peels and personally does all procedures himself. Different types of peels are used depending on the patient’s skin type and skin problems.

Deep peels are performed under a mild sedative anesthesia. They are painless postoperatively, but take between 8-14 days to completely peel. After which there is the pinkness of new, smooth, clear skin.

Dr. Shire no longer recommends lasers for resurfacing for many reasons. Lasers (CO2) have a higher incidence of scarring and hypopigmentation (whitening of the skin). They change the texture of the skin long term, and are much more painful, have a higher infection rate, and take longer to heal.

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