How Popular Are Cosmetic Surgeries?

The acceptance of cosmetic surgery as a legible cosmetic procedure keeps growing every year. In 2020, it was estimated that about 15.6 million procedures were performed according to Previously, cosmetic surgery was thought to be a domain for women only, but men increasingly opt for it nowadays.

Cosmetic surgeries are no longer as uncommon as they once were, thanks to famous celebrities who have been open about it and reality television series about plastic surgery addiction. Cosmetic surgeons now provide a wide range of cosmetic procedures for almost every region of the human anatomy.

Below are some of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery in the US:


According to, about 352,555 people in the US opted for this procedure in 2020. It’s commonly referred to as a nose job and it involves the altering of the nose to bring it into equilibrium with the face. For a more pleasant look, the surgeon may lower the nose size or refine sections of the nose. In some circumstances, such as a deviated septum, where breathing may be improved by surgery, insurance companies cover all or some of the operation. Bruising may be seen following surgery, but it should disappear within ten days.


This type of cosmetic surgery is commonly known as a facelift. A rhytidectomy is used to treat the wrinkling and sagging that come with aging. A facelift gives the face a more youthful look by gently drawing the skin taut, smoothing deep wrinkles, and reducing sagging. A facelift is commonly paired with another operation, such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or skin peels, to improve the patient’s appearance. Sutures are typically removed five to ten days following treatment, but recuperation might take several weeks. 234,734 people in the US opted for this procedure in 2020.


Breast augmentation surgery for women has grown in popularity, with over 190,000 operations performed in 2020 in the US. Surgery is performed for various purposes, including enlarging both breasts, replacing a missing breast, and making uneven breasts uniform in size. Most patients need one or two weeks to heal before returning to normal activities. Running, for example, may need a longer recovery time.

Other popular kinds of cosmetic surgery include blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, and breast reduction. It is conceivable that the more people will opt for cosmetic surgeries in the future, the safer and more popular it becomes.