Lifting that Sagging Neck and Jowls with a Neck lift or Lower Facelift

Lifting that Sagging Neck and Jowls

“Oh, how I hate my sagging neck!  I just want to get rid of it!” This is one of the most common and requested questions we get here at Shire Facial Plastic Surgery in Chattanooga, TN. Well now it is easier than ever.

The sagging or drooping neck tissues begin on your face and have been moving south to cause the double chin and wrinkled neck. They are also associated with jowling, marionette lines, and neckbands. These are all signs of aging, and are created by gravity, time, heredity, health, and personal habits like sun tanning and smoking.  What previously was on your cheeks has moved lower on your face and neck. The only way to really correct it is to bring it back home where it used to be with procedures such as a Lower Facelift or Neck Lift.

It is amazing how techniques and the process of the surgery has changed today. There is no pain, minimal bruising, no bandages or dressings. The best part is the natural results allow you to look great without looking like you’ve had surgery. Recovery is usually relatively quick and painless.

Dr. Shire uses the latest techniques, including liposuction, to achieve the most natural results to allow you to look your best. During your consultation, Dr. Shire educates his patients on their options and provides the information that is needed to make an informed decision.

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