Otoplasty or Ear Surgery in Chattanooga

Cosmetic reshaping of the ear is intended to reduce a prominent or protruding ear. The term “Otoplasty” refers also to any change in the shape of the ear for aesthetic reasons.  Dr. Shire has become the expert in cosmetic Otoplasty surgery to correct ears that “stick out”. His patients have traveled from all over the southeast.

Children can be mean and call each other hurtful names, particularly when there are any physical features that make them stand out. Children who are born with ears that stick out from the side of the head or are overly large are often a target for teasing among their peers and teasing can lead to life-long scars on their self-confidence.  In addition, many adults have needlessly suffered with the embarrassment of protruding ears their entire life. Otoplasty (ear pinning) can cosmetically improve the appearance of the ears by setting them back or re-shaping them to create a more natural ear appearance.

Ear Deformity Explained

Protruding ears can be a devastating aesthetic deformity, especially for the maturing child subject to the ridicule of his or her peers, or even in adults who have been self-conscious of their appearance. A simple ear pinning procedure, otoplasty, can return the ears to their natural position and shape. There are two types of deformities that can be present. The first is a “lop-ear deformity” which refers to the absence of an ear-cartilage fold known as the antihelix  (the smaller curved, inner ridge of the ear that parallels the outer curve of the ear.) This type of deformity presents as an abnormally shaped ear that tends to flop forward. The second is a “cup-ear deformity” which refers to the cup-like cartilage bowl that is present near the ear canal that can makes the ear project out excessively. An otoplasty involves identifying and correcting the cosmetic problem to achieve the most natural result. This is a simple ear-pinning procedure that has a quick recovery with little if any discomfort.

If you or your child are tired of feeling self-conscious about your ears and would like to learn if you may be a good candidate for otoplasty or just to find out more about the ear pinning procedure process and recovery, contact (call or email) our office today schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. James Shire. We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal aesthetic ear appearance so you can live your happiest, healthiest, and more confident life yet.

 Anatomy of the Ear

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