The Appeal of the Deep Chemical Peel

To quote William Shakespeare, “Your face is a book…” therefore, your face tells a story of your life- make sure it is the story you want to tell.

            As all of us age, our faces bear the brunt of the harm caused by time, sun damage, or issues like acne scarring. This old, damaged skin needs renewal to regain its youthful glow and elasticity. Fortunately, our body’s natural healing processes allow for this incredible resurfacing to occur. This resurfacing needs to be highly controlled with precision to remove the damaged old surface and replace it with beautiful, new, smooth, youthful skin in a safe and predictable manner.

            According to expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. James R. Shire of Shire Facial Plastic Surgery (who was recently named Best of the Best Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon), the gold standard for skin resurfacing is the deep chemical peel. “Resurfacing is simply the natural function of our bodies in which the top layer of skin is removed and replaced with new, smooth skin,” says Dr. Shire. While other methods like dermabrasion and laser therapy were formerly used for skin resurfacing, new technology and chemical refinements have made deep chemical peels a safer, more patient-friendly, and more effective procedure. “There is simply nothing better than the deep chemical peel,” says Dr. Shire.

            A deep chemical peel is a surgical procedure that takes under one hour to perform. It is the best of any known treatment to remove facial wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, and even precancerous lesions. Chemical peels were one of the first cosmetic procedures ever done and was first documented as far back as 1560 BC. Over the centuries there have been many types of peels. Deep chemical peels began in the mid 20th century. In the 1960s and 1970s, deep peels got a bad reputation for their alabaster complexion results. However, with recent scientific advancement, all the previous issues have been resolved and are now completely preventable. An experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Shire utilizes skills just like an artist to take away deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and cheeks by allowing the skin to naturally replace itself with healthy more youthful skin, turning back the clock. Dr. Shire explains while each peel is different because of numerous variables on the face, he has four different levels of chemical peel formulas that use Phenol-Croton Oil during the procedure, which is painless post-operatively. “Phenol-Croton Oil peels do not actually burn the skin, instead they produce a gentle layer separation to allow the skin to redevelop with the top layer peeling away over the course of 7-14 days following the procedure,” says Dr. Shire. “The results are incredible.” Dr. Shire is one of the few nationally and internationally known experts in Phenol-Croton Oil peeling and has written numerous book chapters and lectured extensively on chemical peels.

            One of the most challenging parts of a peel is the avoidance of the sun. Patients must refrain from spending time in the sun in the months following the procedure to allow the skin to redevelop without brown spots, an effect called hyperpigmentation. Time spent in the sun should be then limited. Wearing zinc-based sunblock and a hat to shield the sun are required.

            Skilled facial plastic surgeons can use precise artistry and the scientific method to bring refinement and renewal to the skin through a deep chemical peel, creating smooth, clear skin with a youthful tightness. These techniques, performed by an experienced surgeon, will literally reverse the damage caused to the skin to create a glow that will last a lifetime!