Why it Matters Who Does Your Cosmetic Injectables

As with any surgical procedure, people understand the importance of finding a qualified, highly experienced doctor. It’s much more likely that a skilled surgeon will keep you safe and provide you with the result you desire.

Is finding a trusted practitioner for cosmetic injections, such as Botox or filler, just as important?

Though cosmetic injections are non-surgical treatments, it is still extremely important to choose an experienced and skilled doctor to perform them. So….

Why You Need to Find a Reputable, Facial Plastic Surgeon?

Finding an experienced and qualified doctor, such as a facial plastic surgeon, means you are much more likely to get the results you are looking to achieve. Here is why:

  • The more skillful your injector is, the more likely you will attain the results you want. Remember it is not about the product that is being used, but who is doing the injections that determine the results. An experienced injector will listen to your desires and talk to you about the best treatment options to give you your desired appearance. It is important you are both on the same page, and you understand what is realistic to expect after treatment. It is an art form, so you want an artist.
  • Finding a facial plastic surgeon lowers the risks associated with the treatment. Just like any other procedure, there are risks associated with cosmetic injections. These risks range from eyelid heaviness and asymmetry to more severe complications that could result in permanent scarring, if not managed correctly. It is not as likely for these problems to arise if a doctor who specializes in the face treats you.
  • When you have an experienced doctor, your results will appear natural. Many have heard and seen the horrors of an unnatural-looking appearance. Injecting Botox and filler is an art, and a doctor who has treated many patients knows how to keep the face looking natural, while improving your overall appearance.
  • A reputable cosmetic practice will help support you during your recovery period. They should give you instructions on what you should and should not expect after treatment, follow up with you after a suitable amount of time has passed and be available for you to communicate questions or concerns.

Steps to Find the Best Cosmetic Injector for You

  1. Find a doctor who specializes in the treatment you want to receive.
  2. Make sure your practitioner is certified to perform the treatment you are interested in having done, not a weekend course.
  3. Look at patient reviews or testimonials.
  4. Ask people you know who have received cosmetic injections for any recommendations. Do you like the results you see?
  5. Start with a consultation to make sure you feel comfortable. Ask the questions you may have.
  6. How frequently does the doctor perform the procedure you are interested in having done. Usually, the more performed, the better.

Why Dr. Shire is a the Right Choice for Cosmetic Injections

Dr. Shire is one of the country’s foremost experts on facial cosmetic treatments. In fact, he has researched and Juvederm-FBpioneered many of the treatments commonly used today. Dr. Shire has published several articles about injectable treatments. He is one of the few physicians selected nationwide as a National Education Faculty member by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox. Dr. Shire does all his own injections, and there are no nurse or tech injectors. The doctor performs all procedures.